Job Opening


Job Industry Consumer Goods
Job Type Full-Time
Date Posted 2019-10-16
Job Location San Rafael, Bulacan
139 DRT Hi-way, Ulingao, San Rafael, Bulacan
Job Description  Responsible in keeping the Van assigned to him clean and in good running condition  Ensures that delivery of goods from the warehouse or trucks to the trade outlet are tallied vs. inventory  Ensure that all necessary sales tools like merchandising materials are loaded in the Van and put up in all outlets served.  Ensures that all products are safely loaded in the Van to avoid breakage/spoilage/theft.  Reports road accidents to supervisor immediately
Job Qualifications Academic Education : College Level, High School Graduate or any Vocational course
Experience : 6 months to 1 year technical knowledge in Sales, Marketing, route and Distribution.
Level of specific technical knowledge required:
Honest, result oriented, flexible and can work with minimum supervision
Holder of a professional driver’s license ( 123 restriction code)

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